Thursday, 27 May 2010

Halifax Independent Art School

Yesterday Lynne Chapman and I went to talk to some students at a recently opened Independent Art School in Huddersfield, which is run the artist John Ross. We were invited to the artsy hub of Halifax by Chris Mould, Children's Writer & Illustrator and Artist in Residence at Dean Clough Mill. 

After a great discussion with the students, we were treated to a tour of Dean Clough, where we met some artists at work and had a sneaky look around Chris Mould's studio! 

Visit Chris Mould's Website:

Visit Lynne Chapman's Website:

Posted via email from Caryl Hart, Children's Author


  1. It's a lovely blog Caryl. I always prefer blogs to websites - I like the way you can easily update stuff. And they're free of course! They seem a bit more personal too, which is kinda nice :-)

    Just one complaint: Chris Mould's studio is far too tidy. Please will you go and mess it up for me?

  2. It is actually, really tidy! Fantastic artwork though - I was very tempted to pull a bit off the wall and stuff it up my jumper!