Thursday, 17 June 2010

Getting Ready for Uttoxeter Schools

I'm off down the road to Uttoxeter on Monday 21 and Tuesday 22 June to take part in the Uttoxeter Festival of Reading organised by Thomas Alleyne's High School.

On Monday, I'll be working with Julia Jarman, Author of Class 2 at the Zoo and other fab stories.  We'll be visiting Picknalls First School where we are planning all sorts of fun activities for around 200 infant school children. 

Then on Tuesday I'm visiting Windsor Park Middle School to work with 3 classes of Year 3 and Year 4 children, then in the afternoon, I'm speaking at the Cinebowl to lots of children from the Ryecroft cluster of schools. 
Should be fun!!

By the way, don't bother ringing me on Wednesday, I'll be in bed!!

Caryl Hart
Children's Author

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  1. hey Caryl - really looking forward to seeing you. we read 'Don;t dip your chips in your drink Kate' in class. you might want to know that our school, All Saints First, is part of the Ryecroft cluster, and not Ryelands (oops!) If you don't mind me saying: Ryelands are a breed of sheep, very nice ones actually, and we've got some! If you get time, you can come and see them. It would be good to read a funny story about sheep. Natalie :)

  2. Dear Natalie
    Thank you so much for your comments. I have changed Ryelands to Ryecroft - well done for spotting that deliberate mistake!

    I would love to come and see your Ryelands sheep - I have just looked them up on the internet - they look so cuddly!! Have you got any lambs? I love lambs best of all in the world. In fact, we had a lamb called Midnight for a couple of weeks. He was an orphan and my children bottle fed him.

    I hope you liked Don't Dip Your Chips, and that you havent started behaving like that naughty queen! Give me a wave on Tuesday and come and see me at the interval - I will be signing books just before and just after my show.

    best wishes,


  3. Hi Natalie
    sorry we didn't get to do a sheep poem... I was going to ask you to read out this tongue twister, but it got lost somehow! See if any of your friends can say it...

    The sixth sick Sheik's sixth sheep's sick!

    Hope you enjoyed your day