Monday, 4 April 2011

Chadsmoor Infant School, Cannock

As I was setting up in the hall at Chadsmoor Infant School, I could hear a babble of excited whispering coming from a neighbouring classroom. "There's Caryl Hart! Look! It's Caryl Hart!" The buzz rose as children entered the hall, and I have to say, they were one of the most responsive groups of children I have ever worked with! They laughed at all my terrible jokes (thanks guys), and joined in with the stories like professionals!

The children had been focusing on my books all week, making wonderful posters to advertise my visit. They had scrutinised my website and found out all about me, yet still managed to find some brilliant questions to ask. Here are some of them:

Q: Do you like fish and chips?
A: YES! Doesn't everyone? We always have fish and chips for a treat when we go on holiday.

Q: What makes you happy?
A: People telling me how lovely my children have been when they have been invited out to tea

Q: What makes you scared?
A: Skeletons!! I hate them.

Q: Do you have a husband?
A: Yes, and two children as well

Q: What else do you do besides writing books?
A: The same things every other mum does, I guess. Washing, cleaning, tidying up, plus walking the dog, visiting schools and libraries, looking after my kids...

and my favourite:
Q: When you were at school, did you have any friends?
A: I had one very best friend at Junior school, called Debbie. We used to skip round the playgroud together for the whole of playtime.

The wonderful picture from Supermarket Zoo is by Tyler.

Letter Writing:

Some of the children got stuck in writing letters from the naughty star of Rhino? What Rhino? If you have read this story, you will know that the Rhino gets into all sorts of bother, and all the other animals get the blame. Children at Chadsmoor put themselves in the Rhino's shoes and wrote letters of apology to the other characters. Here's are some shining examples:

Dear Aunt Anne
I am really sorry for getting your knickers in a twist, throwing your wiggs on the floor and ripping up your pretty frilly bloomers!!!! I WILL HANG EVERY SINGLE ONE BACK UP AND WASH THEM!!!!!!
Love from Rhino

Dear Emily
I am So So sorry I wrect your tree house. I am so fat I couldn't get in. When I put my hand on, I fell and broke your bike and your toys. I took the sheep to some jusy grass so he could eat it. I will fiz your bike and your toyw. I try to fiz your tree house.
Love from Rhino

Big thanks go out to all the teachers at Chadsmoor - you do an absolutely FANTASTIC job and the enthusiasm of your children is the proof!

Albie with the T-Rex, by Lewis.

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