Monday, 23 January 2012

Lately, I have been looking at book trailers.  These are short videos that try to give a flavour of what a book is about.  I thought I'd post a few here.  Do let me know what you think of them, and which you like best!

Hairy Bear, by Sam McCullen:

Squish Rabbit by Katherine Battersby:


It's a book, by Lane Smith:


Smile by Leigh Hodgkinson:



Here is a little video of my favourite cat, Maru.  I think he lives in Japan and his owner has made loads of videos about him.  I particularly like this one because I love the song, which is by Brighton-Based band, Hundred Little Reasons.  Hope you enjoy it too!

Go to Hundred Little Reasons for more ukulele music.

And here's another funny video starring Maru.  He is a cat who likes sitting in boxes. 

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Creative Explosion at St. Wilfrid's Primary

Yesterday, I had an amazing time at St.Wilfrid's Primary School in Warrington.  I was there to open the new school library, created with the help of the school's Friends' Committee who had raised a staggering £10,000 for the project.

The children had spent the previous few days reading my books and doing lots of book-related activities in preparation for my visit.  Head Teacher, Glenda Davies, said, "It was a fantastic way to ease back into the new term. The children absolutey LOVE your books!"

 The whole day was an explosion of creativity.  Children immersed themselves in reading, writng and singing stories and poems.  I was completely bowled over at the standard of work they produced.  You can see some of their creations in The Gallery