Thursday, 23 February 2012

Whiffy Wilson Postcards

These F-A-B postcards arrived in a big envelope this morning.  Would you like one?  Tell me what you think of Whiffy Wilson and I'll send you a signed postcard of the cheeky little scamp.

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to send me your address and details of who you would like the postcard sent to. 

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  1. I have just started going in to help with reading in my sons reception class, and this book gets chosen every time - its fabulous. There are so many other childrens books out there that are just awful, thank you for dealing with a subject in such a delightful way

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comments. If you would like me to send you a signed postcard, please email me your address! You can do this through my website contacts page. Best wishes, Caryl

  2. This is my favourite new book! Here is a review I've just put on my blog (
    "Rhyming text that scans well, humorous story, endearing characterisation, wise counsel from a female character, a digestible moral tale and a lesson in personal hygiene - this book has it all! I'm sure my Nursery classes will fall in love with Whiffy Wilson, the smelly wolf. He has a number of unpleasant personal habits which will make everyone groan (and maybe demonstrate to those nose-pickers in the audience why it isn't a good thing to do). He takes the advice of a good friend though, and a sensible regular bathing regimen is agreed (oh, and he learns that new dirt is good, but old dirt is smelly, and still advocates for active and fun outdoor play)."
    There is no cover image in Goodreads, do you mind if I use one of yours from this blog?
    Oh, and I'd love a postcard.

  3. Thank you for your lovely review! I'm really pleased you like Whiffy Wilson! I think you have mis-spelled your blog address! Here it is for others who would like to read it:

    If you DM me your address I'll send you some postcards for your nursery class - just let me know how many you would need for one each!. DM me here:

    Many thanks and happy reading! xx

  4. Hi
    I recently went into a book shop with my two nephews looking for a new book, after looking at several books they both settled on Whiffy Wilson. The illustrations are good and the fact that he was smelly appealed to them. After reading the book and seeing the enjoyment my nephews got out of the book, I have now bought a second book for my friends two little boys as well.
    Please could I have two postcards one for each couple of boys.
    Thanks Mark

  5. Thank you for your kind words, Mark. I'll pop a couple of postcard in the post to you today!

  6. We got this from the library and now taken out again whilst we buy our own copy. Our two year old almost knows all the words off by heart. When we read it we treat Josh like Whiffy, role play washing his then "kiss him on his snout!" :)
    For us older people reminds me of the frank spencer/jessica type rhymes.

    1. Hi Michael
      How amazing that Josh knows all the words and he's only two!! It gives me a very warm glow inside to know that children are enjoying my books so thank you for your comments! If you would like a Whiffy Wilson postcard, please send me your address via my website at:

      Watch out for another Whiffy Wilson book coming out next year!