Tuesday, 13 March 2012

11 Questions from Clara Vulliamy

My lovely friend and fellow author, Clara Vulliamy, has written a cool blog post called 11 Questions, 11 Answers.  The idea is to share 11 things about yourself, answer the 11 questions asked by the previous person, and in turn ask 11 more.  You can read Clara's blog here:

I thought I'd have a go too, so here are my 11s.

 11 Things about Me
 1. I like clothes shopping but can never find anything that suits me
2. I get very cold during the day, so often write wearing thermals, two jumpers, fingerless gloves, woolly hat and dressing gown. 
3. I like to fiddle with a Tangle Toy while I write, it helps me to think
4. When I was small, I had a purple crochet blanket which started life as a dress made by my mum for a neighbour.
5. I still have it.
6. I used to practise my violin at 6am outside my brother's bedroom door
7. I hate walking in crowded streets
8. My favourite flowers are sweet peas
9. I am a tomboy and hardly ever wear skirts or dresses
10.  Sweets make my teeth hurt, but chocolate doesn't
11. I sweep my kitchen floor every morning.

11 Answers to Clara Vulliamy's Questions:
1.Where is your favourite place in the whole world?
Up a mountain in Nepal
2.What is your favourite colour?
Deep Blue
3. What lovely thing you would like to overhear someone saying about you?
She's fun
3. Classical music – do you like it, or are you just pretending?
Lots, but not all.  I hate chamber music as I played loads of it as a child.  I also hate really modern stuff that is full of weird rhythms and discords.
4. Cats or dogs?
5. What’s your perfect night in?
50 First Dates or Employee of the Month, Guillian chocolates, white wine and cuddles
6. Are you squeamish – and if so what about?
No.  Yes.  Bogies Ewww.
7. Cautious, or ‘what the heck, let’s go for it!’ ?
I'm not a big risk-taker.  I like to plan ahead.
8. Camping or luxury hotels?
Self catering in unusual places is for me. Oh, and house-swapping cos its free and you get to see some really cool places.
9. ‘Real’ books, or on screen?
Both.  Book first, then film.
10. Weep at happy endings?
11. Singing in public: a chance to show off, or horribly embarrassing?
A chance to show off AND horribly embarrassing for everyone watching!

And here are my 11 questions for someone else to answer:

1. If you could do ANY job, what would it be?
2. What's your favourite smell?
3. Chocolate or sweets?
4. Name three things you keep in your bag
5. What's your favourite book of all time?
6. Do you still know your best friend from primary school?
7. What is your favourite font?
8. What size notebook do you prefer, A5, A4 or A3?
9. If you had a pet alien, what would you call it?
10.  What object do you hate the most?
11. What is your perfect age?

I'd love to hear your answers, so please do add your comments below.


  1. My husband thinks my 11 things about myself are boring. He says I should tell you about the time I walked through a shopping centre wearing swimming hat and goggles.

  2. 1. Chief chocolate taster or children's librarian
    2. Chocolate
    3. Chocolate
    4. Chocolate, book, torch
    5. Emma
    6. Not primary, but secondary & still best friends, she first met me when I skidded across the library floor & she thought I was an idiot
    7. Verdana
    8. A5
    9. Zabagalione
    10. Steering Wheel - even after years of learning to drive & finally passing my test am still too scared to drive
    11. Now

  3. Ha! Thank you Damyanti! Especially all the chocolate!

  4. It's lovely to be visiting your blog - there are so many brilliant posts here! Are you SURE your tweet / make a big fuss about it enough??? Now I've got my feet under the table you'll never get rid of me...
    Anyway, I LOVE your answers (and can just imagine you, as a small person and how you are now...), and your questions are uber-appetising. I love your husband's comment, too. AND Damyanti's answers (especially Q.11).
    It's all very fun, and sweet. Thank you!

  5. Ahh, thanks Clara. I do link new blog posts into Twitter. I'll try and add a few reminders!

  6. 1. Own an independent children's bookshop

    2. The smell of my children's skin when they have been in the sun.

    3. Chocolate

    4. pen, diary, notebook

    5. Don't have one I'm afraid :0(

    6. No, but I moved abroad ... is that a good enough excuse?

    7. anything that looks handwritten. Typical French handwriting one is GinoSchoolScript

    8. A5 because it fits in handbags!

    9. Squeezy

    10. eeek, I don't know, those bluetooth thingies people have in their ears, especially if they are not driving.

    11. I agree with Damyanti, Now is best :0)

  7. Your 11 things are not boring (though I want to know more about the shopping centre incident!!!!) Can you come and sweep MY kitchen every morning? ;0)

  8. Oh yes! Those blur tooth things are ridiculous!!

  9. I really hope Melanie DOES have her own independent bookshop, it would be such a good one - and we can go and hang around in it all the time getting in her way, Caryl! Could it have a cafe too, with French pastries?
    I completely agree that NOW is our perfect age. That's a nice thought.

    (THREE reminders of posts, I think, to scoop up the slow ones like me!!)

    1. I would go to Melanie's bookshop too as I suspect it would have some lovely stationery too.

    2. Do you have a bit of a 'thing' about stationery?? I know I do!

  10. Oh yes, any children's bookshop of mine would have a café upstairs, with lovely cakes and mismatched teacups and saucers (I daydream about this A LOT - but being a non-risk-taker, retail is the worst business for me!!!)

  11. I've answered Clara's questions over on her blog, but I'm going to be greedy and answer these ones too.
    1. Children's author, no doubt about it. Now all I have to do is convince a publisher of that...
    2. Milky babies. Which sounds way more cannibalistic than it should.
    3. Chocolate all the way, but only if it's fairtrade and nice and bitter. OH NO! Now I can't get the thought of chocolate out of my head!
    4. Um, a used tissue, an odd sock belonging to my youngest son, and some dried daisies.
    5. Too many to choose from. Maybe TS Eliot's 'Four Quartets', but only if I REALLY had to choose
    6. Yes! I don't feel we have so much in common these days, but she's my youngest son's godmother.
    7. I should know this one, but I don't. And it depends a lot on the purpose for which it's being used. I guess I don't pass the geek test then.
    8. A5.
    9. Possibly Ggelc Kcin. Just for a very bad joke.
    10. I've got a real visceral hatred of cheese that's melted into strings.
    11. There isn't one. I often wish I was my nearly-3 year old, but I bet when I was his age I hated it. But then I'm a bit of a 'grass is always greener' person, even when the grass on the other side is patently purple.