Monday, 21 May 2012

Children Turned into Aliens!

Last week, I visited Codnor and Clay Cross Libraries as part of the Derbyshire Literature Festival.  The festival is organised by Derbyshire Libraries and involves a brilliant program of visits and talks across the county by authors and poets.

To my suprise, after reading of Welcome to Alien School, and some furious cutting, sticking and colouring, all the children turned into Aliens!  Help!

As well as reading stories, I showed the children how a picture book is made, including what the text looks like when I've finished with it, and what the illustrator's rough sketches look like.

Thanks to everyone at Derbyshire Library Services for organising a great day.  I heard later that, after I had gone, one child borrowed ALL my books from the special display that Clay Cross Library had put up in my honour.  That's what we like!

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