Friday, 24 May 2013

The Sun Recommends Plunge into the Pirate Pool

There's a nice little review of Plunge into the Pirate Pool in The Sun today.

Here it is!

Saturday, 18 May 2013

DO Wear your Pants on Your Head!

Watch this video, created by Emi Howe of KidsCan, and help raise money for kids with cancer. Every time the video is viewed, it generates money for KidsCan through advertising. Simple.

KidsCan have also published a silly book called Pants Hats which you can buy here. Orchard Books have kindly donated a pile of my books to support the project.  Fundraiser Emi Howe will be visiting schools and libraries soon to raise awareness of childhood cancer and will be giving copies of Don't Put Your Pants on Your Head, Fred as prizes! 

Visit Emi Howe's blog to find out more

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Albie Competition!

Albie's newest adventure, Plunge into the Pirate Pool is out NOW!  

And to celebrate, I'm running a competition to win one of these awesome Albie Activity Packs!  

There are two ways to enter:

Email me a picture your child has drawn which has been inspired by reading. Please include your child's first name and age and send to:

Post your entry on Twiter and tag me using @carylhart1 and the hashtag #AlbieComp

Closing date: 31 July 2013

Good Luck!

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

I did an interview the other day for Susie Tyler.  She's a librarian at Collompton Library in Devon, and she runs a children's book blog called Susie and the Pencils.  Do check it out if you'd like to have a nosey.  She's also interviewed Sarah Warburton, the amazing illustrator who did the pictures for my book The Princess and the Peas.  It's a fascinating read!

Oh, and while you're there, take a look at Susie's cards and prints - they are GORGEOUS!  You can even buy them!

Take me to Susie and the Pencils Blog

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Heeeeeerrrrr's HARRY!


 Hey, look at this.  It's Harry reading Welcome to Alien School with his daddy.  

Harry is a HUGE Albie fan.  He even reads to his twin baby brother and sister.  Isn't he great!

Harry wins a signed copy of Plunge into the Pirate Pool and an Albie goodie bag!**

Well done Harry.

** If you would like to win something nice, send in a video of your child reading one of my books!