Friday, 27 September 2013

Are you busy at the moment?

One of the illustrators I work with just emailed me for a catch up and asked if I am busy at the moment.  My reply rather surprised me.  This is what I said:

I'm not really that pushed at the moment.  I'm just catching up on websit and promotional stuff, and writing blog posts and putting a new fiction proposal together and proof reading one of my other fiction titles that's going to Frankfurt in a couple of weeks, and creating some new workshop resources and planning the Christmas Chocolate Shop with the theatre production company and...

... Oh.  

Perhaps I AM quite busy after all.

If you want to hear what its like being an author, have a listen to Dan Berry interviewing creative force majeure Sarah MacIntyre. You'll never feel busy again!

Listen to the podcast here

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Snap and Pin - new Pinterest page

I have set up my first pinterest page today.  It's a board filled with snaps of my books sitting on the shelves in bookshops.

I know this seems a bit narcissistic, but my friend Kate from New Zealand insisted I did it as a repository for the photos she sends me from down under.  You might spot one from Dunedin, right down in the south of New Zealand.

If you spot my books in a shop, take a snap and pin it here:

Monday, 23 September 2013

US Kids Parents and Teachers Magazine Interview

Here's an excerpt of an interview I did for US Kids magazine.

What about children’s literature do you find so compelling?
I love picture books because they make me laugh, cry, and wonder. I particularly love it when the illustrations tell extra stories of their own. Sharing picture books with children is so rewarding. To cuddle up close and explore the words and pictures together is a very special experience.

I also read a lot of young fiction—probably because I’m still really about 12 in my head!

 How do you think books help children learn and grow?
I think children often find the adult world difficult to understand. I know I do. Books can help children make sense of their own thoughts and feelings and of the world and people around them. Books can challenge children’s thinking and help them explore different points of view. Above all, books can transport children into other worlds. Worlds full of fun, laughter, excitement, empathy, love and understanding.

Click here to see the full interview.

Thursday, 5 September 2013

The Chocolate Shop hits the Stage

Once upon a time, in a cold grey city, there lived a sad old man and his name was Emilio.

His beloved wife, the beautiful Florentina, has died and the shop they built together is empty without her.

Then one day, the little bell on the shop door begins to tinkle and in comes a tiny child.  There is something about her beautiful brown eyes and carefree laughter that fills Emilio with hope, and re-kindles a long forgotten dream.  And so Emilio begins to transform the old Emporium something new - a magnificent chocolate shop.  But will he ever see the little girl again?

I am SO excited to announce that I am working with the amazing Babbling Vagabonds Theatre Company to produce The Chocolate Shop as a Christmas show.  It's going to be playing at The Guildhall Theatre in Derby from 12th to 29th December this year.  

The Babbling Vagabonds are a genius group of uber-creative story-tellers who have produced some truly stunning shows, filled with live action, puppets, projection and trickery that draw in the audience from the minute they enter the room.  And this show is going to be something really super-special.

This trailer for The Brothers Grimm will give you a small flavour of the Babbling Vagabonds skills.  They really do create THE most wonderful experience for children and adults alike, so please please do come and see it!  

The Christmas Chocolate Shop is supported by DerbyLive

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