Monday, 23 September 2013

US Kids Parents and Teachers Magazine Interview

Here's an excerpt of an interview I did for US Kids magazine.

What about children’s literature do you find so compelling?
I love picture books because they make me laugh, cry, and wonder. I particularly love it when the illustrations tell extra stories of their own. Sharing picture books with children is so rewarding. To cuddle up close and explore the words and pictures together is a very special experience.

I also read a lot of young fiction—probably because I’m still really about 12 in my head!

 How do you think books help children learn and grow?
I think children often find the adult world difficult to understand. I know I do. Books can help children make sense of their own thoughts and feelings and of the world and people around them. Books can challenge children’s thinking and help them explore different points of view. Above all, books can transport children into other worlds. Worlds full of fun, laughter, excitement, empathy, love and understanding.

Click here to see the full interview.

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