Tuesday, 15 October 2013

The Cool Milk Show

Over the summer holidays, I wasn't just jumping into freezing waterfalls and batting off midges in Scotland.  I was also working on a super cool project with a super cool company.

Cool Milk manage the supply of free milk to children under 5 in over 8,000 schools in the UK.  They asked me to come up with a school assembly and a story book to teach children about milk - where it comes from and why its good for you.  The ultimate aim of the project is to get more children over 5 drinking milk at school.

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So I designed The Cool Milk Show - a 40 minute interactive assembly where, among other things, children get to milk a "cow," guess how much sugar lurks in fizzy drinks and sing the Milk Shake song.  We trained four actors to deliver the shows and from what I hear, they are a roaring success!

The show includes a short video that we made at a dairy to show how cows are milked and how the milk is put into cartons and taken into schools.  Filming was great fun as you can see!

To reinforce what they have learned at school, all children who attend the show are given a free story and activity book, which includes a fab comic strip: The Adventures of Milk Man and His Kid, illustrated by the super-talented Sarah Horne.

Sarah also designed the logo and other graphics for the campaign.
Cool Milk have been a great company to work with.  

To find out more about getting milk for your child at school, visit Cool Milk now. 

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