Monday, 23 December 2013

Lego Poetry - NEW Activity

I have been meaning to create a lego poetry activity for ages, and the Christmas holidays seemed like the perfect time to do it.  The idea is not mine.  It was inspired by @legopoetry that I stumbled upon on Twitter sometime last year. I fell in love with the idea at once, but was not sure how I might use it in my school workshops.

But I have been brave!  And two schools next year are so far scheduled to have a go with their Year 2 children.  But first, I had to make it!

I created some lists of words with the help of resources from @playbythebook , @sparklebox , @earlylearninghq and I put these onto a spreadsheet and sized them to 28pt, ordered some transparent self-adhesive paper and I was ready to go.

Unfortunatly the printed words smudged on the paper and I was too impatient to wait half an hour for them to dry, so I picked up a sharpie, grabbed an 11 year old assistant and got stuck in.

I'm really REALLY pleased with the results. 

Playing By the Book Blog on Lego Poetry 

FilthWizardry DIY Spinny Spellers and Repurposing Duplo
Sparklebox High Frequency Words

I now have six Year 7s, who have come for a sleepover, playing contentedly with Lego Duplo.  Who would have thought it?!

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