Monday, 3 March 2014

Imagine Festival 2014

As part of this year's World Book Day celebrations, Alex T. Smith and I did an event on 22 February at the Imagine Children's Festival at the South Bank Centre.  

As you may know, Alex was selected as this year's World Book Day official illustrator, which means he's been in HUUUUGE demand!  And rightly so.  His work is amazing and I'm still pinching myself that I am lucky enough to be working with him. 

Image by Charlotte Hacking
So we spent some time with a group of very enthusiastic children in a rather large and echoy room as part of the celebrations.  Alex told them all about his cheeky dogs and drew them, then taught everyone how to draw Claude, star of the hugely successful young fiction series.

We then did a bit of a double-act talking about Foxy Tales.  Alex drew Foxy and Alphonso while I read a some bits of the story.  I *think* the children enjoyed themselves.  I certainly did!

With huge thanks to the Southbank Centre for having us, and to Hodder Children's Books for putting us up in such style!

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