Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Where WILL that rat go next?

Meet Liam.

He's a Year 2 pupil in a Sheffield school I visited recently.  After listening to Catch That Rat, Liam and his classmates thought about what might happen if Pinky the rat kept on running.  Where would she end up? 

Liam's teacher was so impressed with his work that she searched the school to find me!  He has written some FABULOUS descriptions that conjour up a wonderful picture of a little white rat enjoying the seaside.  Here are some of Liam's words:

She ran to the beach with hot sand and the salty sea.
The rat sees the tingling rock pool, the dangerous waves and hard rock. She heres the waves smashing the sand in rage and cheering and squeeling people. 

Well done Liam and all the Year 2s!

1 comment:

  1. I really was impressed, Liam just works so hard all of the time but this work is exceptional! He was really proud when he showed it to you, even if he did go very shy :)
    Sara Waterson (Liam's teacher)