Saturday, 5 March 2016

It's World Book Day Week Month Term!

Every year around mid February, I start visiting schools in preparation for World Book Day.  It's a fantastic celebration and I love spending time with all the children, especially when they are dressed up as their favourite book characters.  

Luckily schools are flexible, which means that, for me, World Book Day lasts for most of a school term!  

This year, I spent the day itself at Manningham Library in Bradford with 35 pre-schoolers and around 55 Year 1s and 2s. We had a lovely time reading stories, including lots of actions, joining in and songs.  

The little ones loved meeting Whiffy Wilson and rummaging through his wash bag, while the older ones got active digging the garden and running away from the T-Rex in How to Grow a Dinosaur.  

After each session, children had lots of fun colouring in Whiffy Wilson in his bath and giving him lots of bubbles.  Older children made Dragon Chompers and took home lots of ideas and a story sheet to make up their own Albie adventures.

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