Thursday, 22 September 2016

How to Save a Superhero is Here!

What on earth is Albie up to now?  He's supposed to be tidying his bedroom, but when someone steals his last puzzle piece, things get a bit hairy.

Can Albie save his new friends Scoot and Rascal from the clutches of The Collector?

Will he manage to tidy his room before Mum's timer goes off?

You'll find all this and more in Albie's latest adventure!

PLUS... Get your hands on loads of AWESOME How to Save  a Superhero activities - They;'re all FREE!!

Take me to the Superhero Activities

How to Save a Superhero is gorgeously illustrated by the Ed-the-Incredible Eaves and published by the totally Supertastic Simon and Schuster.   Get your signed copy now in my Bookshop.

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