Monday, 7 November 2016

The Princess and the Christmas Rescue

The sofa and mince pie adverts are on the telly, shops are pumping out seasonal music and last year's Christmas pudding has been opened to make way for this year's... and so we can't avoid it for very much longer.  Christmas is coming.

But fret not.  This year, we have created for you the perfect Christmas or pre-Christmas gift! It's cheaper than a trip to Starbucks and bursting with more wonderful pictures and rhymes than you would ever find in a John Lewes ad. 

Yes, it's the latest Princess Book from me, Sarah Warburton and Nosy Crow and I think you'll like it! (Well, I HOPE you will!)

We introduce yet another feisty, independent, clever Princesses who takes matters into her own hands to find solutions to her problems.

This book features Princess Eliza, who is brilliant at inventing things. She makes all sorts of gadgets and gizmos to keep herself busy in her crystal palace at the top of the world.  She only lacks one thing... Princess Eliza does not have any friends and she doesn't really know how to make any either.

Then, one day, she stumbles across Santa's workshop.  Santa is poorly and the elves are in a tizzy.  Luckily Princess Eliza gets out her rubber bands and paperclips, scissors and glue and has soon made some whizzy contraptions to help the elves.  Can she help get everything ready in time for Christmas?  And will she make any friends along the way?  

Well, this IS a Christmas story!

Find it in all good bookshops or buy a signed copy from me via my website.

Buy a signed book here

Happy Shopping!

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